It's easy, free and fun!
Anyone who is a Ebay© Elvis fan can play! (and any other Elvis fan, too)! It is all free - no cost or fee!

Here is how it works:
  • Select your Ebingo playcard(s) from the choices below: you may play any of the cards just like regular bingo.

  • Print out the card(s) so you will have a hard-copy reference for keeping track of calls.

  • Mark the day's call - Elvis song title and Date - on your card just like real bingo.

  • Each day a different call - song title - will be posted here at the bottom of this page.
  • This contest will end at any time after a winning EBingo, although I plan to run it again sometime. Winners will be announced on the eBay Elvis Chat Board. (note: no prizes, but you can play anytime now)
Click below for your Play Cards:

V - Baby, Let's Play House

(28 February 2015)

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